Water Heaters

Our Full Range of Water Heaters

Make your customers more comfortable and convenient by choosing from our extensive range of water heaters. We stock electric and gas water heaters to meet different client needs. Choose from traditional water heater storage tanks ranging from 30- to 90-gallon capacities. We also carry tankless water heaters. These water heaters offer enhanced energy efficiency and do not require as much space. Households with five or more people may prefer a tankless water heater, which supplies a nearly limitless amount of hot water on demand. In addition to water heaters, we stock all the fittings and connectors you will need for the installation or repair of water heaters.

About Us

Lee Plumbing Supply is a local and independent plumbing supply retailer, which is why customer care is our top priority. We offer special orders and personalized service to all plumbers, companies, and their clients.

Returns and Price Matching

We accept returns within 30 days of purchase. Bring in the like-new item and your receipt. We offer price matching for in-store purchases, as well.

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