Our Toilet Parts and Product Selection

Today’s newest toilets offer enhanced comfort, water conservation, and cleansing features. We stock dual-flush, double-cyclone flush, and pressure-assisted toilets. Choose from one- or two-piece toilets with back-to-wall or wall-hung configurations. To meet your client’s exact needs, we stock high- and low-seat options. Select round or oblong bowls. Our toilets are available in traditional and contemporary colors. In addition to our vast selection of toilets, we even offer toilet repair and replacement parts and kits. Choose from flanges, flushing mechanisms, seals, and chains.

About Us

Our independently owned local plumbing supply company provides you with excellent customer care. Let us help you choose the right toilet and other plumbing parts for your next service call. If we don’t have it on the shelf, we’ll order it for you.

Price Matching and Returns

We offer price matching for in-store purchases. To make a return, bring your receipt and the like-new part to our customer service desk.

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