Galvanized Steel

Galvanized Steel Plumbing Products

For more than three decades, plumbers have used durable galvanized steel in residential water supply and sewer lines. Homes built in the 1960s typically include these pipes.

Lee Plumbing Supply takes pride in stocking a full selection of galvanized steel plumbing parts and pipes. Choose from all types of fittings, including tee, side outlet, elbow, and bushings. We also carry flanges, caps, unions, plugs, and crossings made from galvanized steel. Check out our selection of galvanized steel pipes, which range from 0.5 inches to 1 inch in diameter and in lengths from three to 10 feet.

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When you buy galvanized steel pipes and parts locally from our independent plumbing supply store, you gain access to our expertise. We have everything you need for any work order and can order additional quantities for bigger projects.

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Easily return good condition items within 30 days with your receipt. We offer price matching for in-store purchases.

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