Copper Plumbing Products

Copper pipes and fittings play a critical role in potable water supply and refrigerant supply lines. The material’s strength, long lifespan, and fire resistance make it an optimal choice for residential use. We stock Type K, Type L, and Type M copper pipes. We stock these pipes in a wide range of sizes. Choose from a full selection of copper pipe fittings, including elbows, caps, tees, adapters, and couplings. We also sell trap and flange fittings made of copper.

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As your local independent plumbing supply and parts retailer, we offer personalized customer service. When you shop with Lee’s Plumbing Supply, you can count on helpful product advice and guidance from our friendly associates. This benefits both contractors and their clients.

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We provide you with peace of mind through our returns policy. Simply bring in the good-condition part and receipt within 30 days of purchase. We also offer an in-store price matching guarantee.

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